Mary Collis



As a mother of 5 children, 4 now adults and one still in high school, I have seen first-hand how what we eat affects our moods, and our health. I have seen dietary change alter my own life, getting rid of arthritis (a 3-generational health issue in my family), skin conditions and chronic digestive issues. This all provided impetus for me to train in Nutritional Medicine after having been a school teacher for many years.

So what does a nutritionist do?

A nutritionist uses food as medicine.

A large number of common diseases are caused by our lifestyle, including what we eat and drink. I help clients discover what to eat in order to improve their health. I fit the treatment to the client and give support in making changes they can work with. It often surprises me just how fast tangible results can appear, even after years of illness.

Research leans strongly toward unprocessed plant foods having the most healing factors for all diseases. I help clients put together meal plans they will enjoy eating, that also have the specific healing factors for their condition.

In my spare time, I enjoy stand up paddling and snow skiing. I also play midi-keyboard with a band and volunteer at my local church.

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