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Homœopathy for feeling sad

Homœopaths do not separate the mind from the body. Emotional dis-ease is just one aspect of the body’s expression of internal imbalance.

When you go to see a homœopath, you will notice that the first consultation is around two hours. This is to enable you time to fully express the nature of your disturbance and the homœopath time to fully understand your state. A medicine is then prescribed to match you – mental, physical and emotional. Ten people presenting to clinic with low mood will all receive a different medicine because of the unique way their symptoms are expressed. You might gain insight into the underlying cause of your emotions just from the consultation. However, after you take the indicated homœopathic medicine, a shift can take place at a deep level, producing significant long-lasting positive changes.

According to the Homœopathic Research Institute, depression was found to be the most frequently treated condition in a study of NHS homeopathic treatments (Mathie and Robinson, 2006).

The recent randomized, double-blind trial performed by Adler et al investigated outcomes for 91 patients diagnosed with acute moderate to severe depression. The authors found that individualised homeopathic prescribing is as effective as Fluoxetine in the treatment of patients suffering acute moderate to severe depression, based on a validated depression score. http://www.homeoinst.org/news/trial-

Homœopathy has a good track record for helping people recover from low mood, including during the period immediately following the birth of a baby.

Homœopathy for Anxiety

Dr J Reichenberg-Ullman states that for anxiety,

“Homœopathy can produce excellent long-term results and can often eliminate the need for conventional medicine.” (1990:190)

Homœopathic medicine can support people experiencing acute anxiety – even to the point of relieving panic attacks. Situations where this may be needed include anticipation anxiety, performance anxiety, fear of flying and following a fright or shock.

If anxiety is a more generalized and chronic condition, then constitutional treatment is recommended by a professional homœopath. This will help ascertain the underlying cause of the anxiety and provide the most indicated medicine, taking into account mental, physical and emotional expressions of your anxiety. The aim of treatment is that over a period of months or years the incidence and severity of acute anxiety will diminish until it is within the normal
range or completely gone.

It is possible to alleviate the symptoms of acute anxiety with homœopathic medicines, under the supervision of a practitioner.

After being diagnosed with PTSD I was under the care of a psychiatrist. I was having panic attacks when confronted with certain situations. I had tried the drugs prescribed by my doctor but they kept me in a constant state of non-being. Or some made me felt quite intoxicated. After
speaking with Michelle I was advised to take Aconite for when I felt the panic attacks coming.

Michelle gave me some pilules which I took when needed and from the first attack the benefit was enormous. I was able to control my anxiety when needed as opposed to a constant blanket control. (Anonymous) Sydney

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