Mabel Li


Bachelor of Science (Clinical Sciences),
Master of Health Sciences (Osteopathy), MAOA

Mabel is an Osteopath and Access Bars ®Practitioner.

Mabel is passionate about all injuries and ailements of the body. Her style of treatment is gentle, meticulous and thorough, and always comes with great advice on how you can avoid further injuries and pain in the future!

She is available to offer timely and unbiased advice on anything health related. Mabel uses a combination of massage, stretching and cranial sacral techniques during an osteopathic treatment.

Access Bars® is an energetic medicine, working on energy points on the head. This is a very gentle process, and each session lasts between 60 to 90 minutes. It is highly recommended for:

- Deep relaxation
- Sleep better and wak up feeling refreshed and full of energy
- Cleraing the mind chatter
- For children / students before tests
- ADD and ADHD
- Stress in a relationship situation
- For pregnant women
- Setting goals
- For creating more space and possibilities in life

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