Ayurvedic Consultation and Spa Treatments

Ayurvedic Treatments Available Tuesdays and Friday evening

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Initially we would love you to experience just a fraction of what Ayurveda can do through these specially chosen treatments.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation
This consultation is where your practitioner determines your body type or dosha types and the current balance or imbalance of the doshas...
- 60 mins $90*
- 30 mins $75*

*Health Fund rebates are available. Call your health fund to check your coverage.

This treatment begins with a total body massage with warm oil and ends with the shirodhara experience where warm oil is poured slowly on your forehead or third eye...
- 90 mins $135
- 3 Pre-booked 90 min sessions $360

Marma Massage
"Marma" are special points on the body. Working on these points in traditional order energetically helps balance your individual cnstitution...
- 45 mins $80

Ayurvedic Massage
“Abhyanga” literally means “loving hands”. Experience a full body massage using warmed oil on the "marma" points of your body...
- 75 mins $110
- 60 mins $95

Shiro Abhyanga ( Ayurvedic Head Massage)
This is a very nurturing massage. It focuses on the head, neck and shoulders are very important centres of the body and where most people carry their stress.
- 45 mins $80

Pada Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Foot Massage)
The feet are so overworked and underloved. In traditional life the feet are in contact with the earth allowing the body to discharge energies and toxins. Traditionally where no shoes are worn the feet are stimulated walking on uneven ground however in our modern life this is not the case. This massage aims to relieve tension and ground the reciever, to help them to become more relaxed...
- 45 mins $80

Prishtabhyanga (Ayurvedic Back Massage)
This is a soothing massage, which works specifically on your back. It aims to relieve tension and provide a sense of calm and wellbeing...
- 45 mins $80

Shiropada (Ayurvedic Head and Foot Massage)
This is a sublime combination of the Shiro Abhyanga and the Pada Abhyanga, working on relieving tension in your body through massage of your head and feet...
- 60 mins $95

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