Neda Raked



I have a passion for Chinese Medicine and take pride in listening to and understanding my patient’s needs. I always try to utilise the best of traditional Chinese medicine coupled with the benefits of modern research and development.

After graduating from the University of Technology Sydney, I was privileged to work with highly experienced practitioners and thus I have gained a lot of clinical experience in various traditional therapeutic techniques.

I have an interest in Fertility problems and Psycho-emotional disorders. I can also help with a range of other conditions such as musculoskeletal, respiratory, Arthritis, Common Cold, Digestive, neurological and Gynaecological disorders.

In 2007, I obtained a Diploma in Laser Therapy. Laser therapy is used for management of pain as well as treating many dermatological disorders such as acne, eczema and other cosmetic purposes.

Health is not the absence of disease but a complete development of a person physically and mentally according to their individual needs. Therefore, a complete investigation such as palpation and pulse and tongue diagnosis is a vital feature of my clinical practice. My treatments involve Acupuncture, Herbal prescriptions, diet therapy and other life style advice. All these factors contribute to delivering high quality service to my patients.

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