Teya Skae


Quit Smoking
Weight and Nutrition Management

Holistic Kinesiologist/Nutritionist
M.A. B.A, Dip. Health Sciences (Kinesiology), Dip Clinical Nutrition, Member of ATMS. AKA. EFT, Metabolic Typing, Results Fat Loss Program. Professional Athletes Performance Balancing.

Over 15 years of direct involvement in personal development, together with research and practice of complementary modalities, has taught me that we are multi-faceted beings - especially so, our unique bodies, stress levels and our individual issues.

As a competition figure/fitness athlete and personal trainer for some years my knowledge and understanding of
nutrition/training for peak shape and performance is extensive and I now incorporate this in working with sports people and professional athletes.

I use kinesiology and body’s own biofeedback tool called muscle testing to balance the causes/stresses of physical, biochemical, emotional and energic imbalances.

I incorporate other energetic techniques such as EFT and acupuncture points with primitive reflexes to facilitate a healing outcome. In addition I use metabolic typing, where nutritional imbalances predominate to bring the person back to their optimal balance.

I enjoy working together with the team at Health Dimensions at educating our clients to their wellness and self-healing. I also run courses at Sydney’s WEA and write articles for various health publications.

Some areas that I specialise in:

Professional athletes and personal trainers with burnout syndrome
Metabolic Typing
Results Fat Loss Program
Adrenal Exhaustion/Chronic Fatigue
Corporate Burnout Syndrome
Chemical Toxicity
Relationships issues
Migraine headaches
Giving up smoking, addictions, phobias
Sugar Cravings
Eating Disorders
Lack of motivation/low self-esteem
Neck, shoulder and back pain that do not respond to conventional treatment


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