Bach Flower Consultations

Bach Flower Consultations

Practitioners: Alison Mitchell

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What are the Bach Flowers?
When should I have a consultation?
How do I take them?
Are Bach Flowers safe?
Can I get rebates from my health insurance?
The History of Bach Flowers

What are the Bach Flowers?

The Bach Flowers are a set of thirty-eight healing remedies. They come in liquid form and are taken orally a few drops at a time.
They are completely naturally derived and are made directly from specially selected flowers, picked at the time in their blooming that will give them the greatest healing power.

When should I have a consultation?

The Bach Flowers act as a catalyst for positive inner transformation.
They can, through raising self awareness, assist us to transform our most negative states:
fear, uncertainty, loneliness, dependancy, indecision, oversensitivity to outside influences, and despondency
into the corresponding positive states:
courage, clarity, independence and peace of mind. They can help develop self-esteem, assertiveness, self reliance, self
discipline, spontaneity and warmth in relationships with self and others.

How Do I take them, how often and when?

Bach Flowers are usually taken orally, either directly on the tongue via a glass dropper or in a small amount of water which is sipped slowly. The ideal frequency is four drops, four times daily. In acute cases, such as trauma or after an accident, the remedies can be taken more frequently.
The best times to take the remedies are upon waking and at bedtime when we are most relaxed and condusive to their healing effects.
The other two times are just before lunch and just before dinner.
Other wonderful times for taking the remedies are: in the bath, after meditation and relaxation practices, during therapy, or anytime you feel particularly relaxed and open.

How long you need to take them depends on the nature of the emotions. For example, something that manifested in early childhood, for an adult, it might take a few months with the dosage gradually reducing as new insights and awareness is gained. For others, the remedies may only be needed for a short time, while they are going through a healing process and then the remedies do not need to be taken again. Each person's experience is different.

Are the Bach Flowers safe?

The Bach Flowersare completely safe. There is NO possibility of any toxic effects.
Infants, children, the elderly, even pets respond positively to Bach Flower remedies with absolutely no side effects.

In some cases, there may be a heightened awareness of a particular feeling, in the process of releasing the feeling, however this is easily managed by adjusting the dosage to suit the individual needs.
This is a natural and positive experience, and most people move quickly and easily onto a more peaceful state of mind.

History of Bach Flowers

In the early 1930's Dr Edward Bach, a successful and prominent UK physician, became aware that for most of his patients, it was emotional and mental factors tht predisposed them to physical ailments. Dr Bach, a very compassionate man, wished to help his patients in a more profound way than
seemed possible using the treatments available to him at the time.
Accordingly, he developed a healing system that could positively influence people on the subtle levels at which illnesses arise.
Over a number of years he put his sensitivity and scientific training into action to collaborate with nature, and so develop his world-renowned thirty-eight remedies.

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