Kerry Harrison


Visceral Osteopath
Diploma of Osteopathy

I have been a practitioner since 1983. My initial training was as an osteopath. Andrew Taylor Still, the father of osteopathy, said in his teachings that there is a feedback mechanism between the spinal nerves and the organs of the body. The osteopath can affect the health of the body through correction of the spinal segments which normalises the nerve supply to the different organs of your body. I work to find the underlying cause of repeat structural problems. To find the organs or body systems that are stressed and causing symptoms including spinal pain in response to the nerve input from that organ.

After realising that my osteopathic training required my consideration of the organs of the body more closely I trained in Phase Contrast Live Blood and Coagulated Blood Microscopy. In 1995 I discovered more on how the viscera affects the structural body and started utilising electrodermal screening. Many techniques now allow me to bring together a treatment plan that is able to address otherwise hard to treat conditions.

My passion is to help the patient find the cause of their health challenge, correct that and watch them come back into a state of health. This is so much better than just silencing the symptoms.

Very soon I will be releasing my first book on the prevention of breast conditions including breast cancer. It can be prevented by most women with a few changes in their lifestyle.

Nowadays I am mainly occupied with managing the Health Dimensions clinics so work only on Tuesday and Thursdays at our Bella Vista clinic.

I have an amazing husband, and four beautiful children and enjoy spending time with them and in my home and garden.

The body is a self healing mechanism - you just have to trace a condition back to when it started and correct what went wrong, be it emotional, physical or chemical - and healing occurs.

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