Sports People

Sports People

Sporting injuries can range from the very mild to the very serious.

Prevention is important - so regular massages or osteopathic or orthobionomy checkups may assist you to prevent those injuries which arise from being out of balance.

For acute joint injuries which do not require medical intervention we suggest that your first thought be acupuncture.

After a skiing accident last year where my knee was twisted out 90 degrees to the side I thought that recuperation would take a while. To my surprise an acupuncture treatment rectified any damage to the point that I have not had a single pain in it since.
So if in trouble book in with Erni or Mei our acupuncturists.

Herbal anti-inflammatories may also be of use to decrease the inflammation and improve healing rate of acute and chronic injuries.

For those who experience injuries or a failure to perform the way they would wish we would suggest that you may have an internal saboteur. This is so important to the professional high achieving athlete. If you would like to deal with these issues and while doing so find your optimal performance enhancing diet contact our clinic to make an appointment with our kinesiologist/nutritionist, Teya who is well known for her success helping athletes achieve their goals.

Herbal and nutritional support is very helpful for athletes to prevent problems such as immune suppression, muscle cramping and to improve energy and stamina. Our naturopath, Alison, will be able to help you with this.

Acute sporting injuries respond well to acupuncture to bring down swelling and inflammation.
Chronic injuries may require an osteopathic treatment to assess any muscular imbalances that are preventing you from healing.
If you repeat the same injuries, you may ask yourself if you have an internal sabatouer. Kinesiology may be for you.
Athletes are at risk of certain health conditions such as anaemia and immune deficiency. Naturopathic herbalism can help you in this area.
Having difficulty putting on muscle, losing fat, or just want some extra fuel in the tank? See the Naturopath for assistance in this matter.

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