Teenager's Health

Teenager's Health(ages 13-19)

What a time of change!

Puberty can bring on all sorts of problems, however these don't have to be a nightmare.

  • Period problems
  • Acne
  • Mood swings
  • Exam problems - memory and concentration

  • Sports injuries. The most common complaints during adolescence will follow sports injuries.
  • Functional Disorders. However, more and more adolescents suffer from functional disorders mainly due to the evolution of their life style (computers, TV, diet, lack of exercise…)
  • Dentition. Also it has been observed that the development of the posture is closely linked to dentition (position of the teeth and related position of the skull bones and head). As a consequence, poor posture can be induced by bad teeth and head position, and the opposite can occur.
  • Poor posture. Poor psture is also related to poor habits of standing, sitting gaming at a computer etc., or from poor self esteem.
  • Poor diet. This will often arise from a poor understanding of the role of good wholesome food, the affects of advertising and peer pressure.
  • Poor sleep.

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