Pregnancy and Fertility

Pregnancy and Fertility

The Circle of Life

You've made the decision to start a family or expand your family! Congratulations!
Now as you embark on your journey towards parenthood there is much preparation to be made! At Health Dimensions we are committed to providing you with a team of professional experts, informative articles, helpful tools, & more! Please contact us if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for this area.

We believe that the more you know and understand what is happening to your body the more empowered you are to make decisions that are best for you, as an individual, as a partner and as a parent. Our qualified natural health practitioners can help your understanding in the following areas.

Anatomy and Physiology of the Reproductive System

Fertility - What is Fertility?
  • Problems Getting Pregnant - Major Causes of Infertility
  • How Best to Avoid Pregnancy when you choose to
  • How to prepare
  • Stages
  • Possible Problems

New Born Babies

  • unsettled and poor sleeping
  • reflux
  • feeding problems
Pregnancy can be the most exciting (and scary!) time of a woman's life. Millions of women have gone through successful pregnancies in the past and much of what we know is based on their experiences. A few simple preventative measures can help to ensure that your pregnancy goes as smoothly as possible and that your child is born as healthy and happy as can be.

Our qualified Naturopath and Acupuncturists work together to support you in your fertility journey.
We can help you with:
IVF Support
Preconception Care
Pregnancy Support
Birthing support
...and more

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