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What is Naturopathy?
When should I see a Naturopath?
What happens in a consulation?
Can I get rebates from my health insurance?
How did this modality develop?

What is Naturopathy?
Naturopathy is an holistic healing system that aims to treat the whole person by seeking out the cause of ill health, rather than just the symptoms. Naturopaths believe the body is able to heal itself if we provide it with the materials it needs to do so. Naturopathy uses a variety of natural therapies such as herbal and nutritional medicine.

What happens in a consultation?
During your naturopathic consultation you will be questioned extensively on all areas of your health. Diagnostic tools such as iridology, tongue and nail analysis may also be used by your naturopath to better assess your state of health. This allows your naturopath to decide the best plan of action for you, and an individual treatment plan will be developed based on this. Your naturopath may also request that you do some blood tests to assess progress of treatment. Patients are seen as partners in their care, and a treatment plan usually includes lifestyle modifications (e.g., sufficient sleep, moderate exercise, relaxation practices)and dietary recommendations.

Treatments used are different for every person and often include herbal medicines in liquid or tablet form, nutritional supplements, flower essences and detailed dietary planning.

When should I see a Naturopath?
The principles of naturopathic medicine may be applied to almost any health concern, acute or chronic. The practice may be particularly useful for chronic conditions because of their connection to diet and lifestyle behaviours.

You don't need to be sick to see a Naturopath. Prevention is a big focus of naturopathic medicine.
In some cases, naturopathy can help you to 'prepare' for certain times in your life. For example, pre-conception care can help to improve your chances of conception, reduce allergies in the newborn and reduce complications in pregnancy. Naturopathy can also be helpful for athletes preparing for big events by helping to improve stamina and to prevent problems such as infections and anemia. Other examples of stages during your life that you may seek naturopathic care include pregnancy and breastfeeding, puberty, exam preparation or heightened periods of stress.
Wellness programs are also available to support you after your initial health concern has been addressed. Wellness programs have been shown to reduce the tendency to relapse into old health conditions, to improve energy and vitality long-term and to promote healthy aging. Patients who are taking part in a wellness program usually have appointments every 6-12 months.

Can I get rebates from my health insurance?
Nearly always, as long as you are covered for this service. It is always best to check with your Health Fund to understand your level of cover prior to seeking an appointment

How Did this Modality develop?

Herbal medicine is an ancient form of healing present in most cultures. The medicinal properties of herbs and plants have been discovered and documented over many thousands of years.

The herbalist's philosophy is that humans, like plants, are biologically complex. This means that to achieve a long lasting medicinal benefit with few or no side effects, a plant with its complex active principles will be utilised by the body more easily than a single isolated drug. For this reason the herbalist uses the herbs in their most natural form.

There is now an enormous body of modern scientific data on medicinal plants to support the use of Herbal Medicine as an effective medicine, either as an alternative or to complement pharmaceutical drugs. Modern herbalists draw from centuries of gathered knowledge of plants and their medicinal effects while scientific validation of these is gradually catching up.

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