Weight Loss Coaching

Weight Loss Coaching

Results Fat Loss Program is exactly that! You get results with fat loss.

If you identify with any one of the following symptoms or patterns of behaviours then Results Fat Loss Program is designed for You.

  • Are you a professional dieter?

  • Are you constantly dieting but not losing any fat and if you put it back on?

  • Have you tried many different diets and still have not found the one that works for you?

  • Do you feel frustrated or depressed with your current body image?

  • Do you experience i sweet cravings and feel a slave to food?

  • Do You battle with your own willpower?

  • Do you experience guilt, shame or just utter frustration because you can’t stick to rigid meal plans or calorie restrictions?

  • Do you constantly sabotage your best laid weight-loss goals?

  • Are you always pre-occupied with food; what to eat or not to eat?

  • Or are you constantly wishing you’d be thinner and leaner?

  • Maybe you are so confused with all the information about weight loss and exercise and just feel bombarded or overwhelmed at what to do?

  • Are you feeling really tired and trapped in the whole cycle of dieting, what to eat for more energy and better health?

  • Or maybe you have you been thin all your life and lately your body is gaining weight and you can’t stop it!

  • Are you craving the foods that are making you put more weight?

  • Are you walking around thinking that if only you were leaner thinner then you would be happier or more confident or in a perfect relationship?

  • Or maybe you are just so tired of the words diet, weight, metabolism and the whole scenario of what is right to eat.

  • Do you feel unsatisfied and empty no matter what you eat and how much you eat?
If you answered yes to any of these, then Results Fat loss Program is for you.

Permanent fat loss can not be achieved with diet alone. In fact, dieting without addressing the emotional or behavioural issues associated with weight turns people into professional yo-yo dieters. This makes the goal of losing fat not only difficult but almost unachievable.

Many studies have now proven that 98% of people who lose more than 10 pounds of fat regain it all within 2 years and in addition add a few extra pounds on top.

Why is this so?

It is because our bodies are run by our mind. The same mind that regulates our metabolic rate, hunger, satiety, conditions our taste buds and regulates our survival programs. There is a direct relationship with your mind and your body.

Our mind is preoccupied with our issues of survival. That is why we have a mind; to help us make sense of the world. These survival programs are so powerful, that no amount of will power, control or affirmations can beat it or control it. In order for your body to lose fat naturally, it needs to want to lose fat and feel safe to do so.

That is why I have developed Results Fat Loss Program, to address the subconscious programs in the mind that are keeping people stuck in fatness.

Results Fat loss Program is the culmination of my own personal quest to overcome the fat programs that ran my ancestors and enjoy a healthy relationship with food.

In my quest for solution to this madness, I have tried many nutritional approaches and as a competition figure/fitness athlete and personal trainer for some years I made it a priority to learn and experiment with numerous nutritional philosophies. I studied macrobiotics, aurveda, blood types, ketogenic diets, you name it I did it. Later in my quest for self-healing and searching for more sanity in all of this I came across Metabolic Typing.

It was well researched, scientific and it made more sense than anything else because it is the only nutritional plan that specifically addresses your biochemical individuality.

Yet metabolic typing is only a 1/3 of the Results Fat Loss program.

As a result of my relentless pursuit to overcome obesity since childhood, I have developed Results Fat-Loss Coaching based on Metabolic Typing, kinesiology and neurological re-programming of the belief systems and programs that keep people stuck in fatness and low energy states.

Our bodies run very powerful survival programs that we can not over rule with strict dieting or even willpower. The more deprived we feel the more the body wants to store fat. Because nutrition is about survival our body has its own survival set points for what it thinks is safe.

Unless your body wants to be thin no diet will work in the long run, but reprogramming the mind-body connection so your body wants to be thin makes all the difference in being healthy as well as lean.

Fat Loss Coaching specifically deals with the emotional, neurological, mental and biochemical/hormonal imbalances in relation to fat loss. It is one of its kind and it works well. Why? Because it works with the whole person, You!

To get you started on your program just contact the Zhen clinic on 028824 6792 for your initial 1 and half hours consultation and kinesiology balance to get you in the right frame of mind to lose weight.

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