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My passion for natural healing methods means I aim to help people find healthier and happier lifestyles. By increasing your knowledge of your health, you’ll find easier ways to achieve it.

My interest in herbs started many years ago with a desire to stop using pharmaceuticals. Our environment and our bodies absorb hundreds of chemicals from products we regularly use. I sought a gentler method of healing and herbs provide an alternative to chemical medicines.

Another modern dilemma is that many of us neglect the most important aspect of our daily lives: nutrition. We eat highly refined and pre-packaged foods, and we often eat on the run. These foods are loaded with sugar, unhealthy fat, chemical preservatives, flavours and colours. Our bodies suffer without a supply of healthy nutrients to maintain the best possible health.

Whether you’re suffering with a major illness or simply feel stressed and washed out, naturopathy can help you will feel better. Treatments are relaxed and unhurried. If you’re seeking a small change or a complete overhaul, I can assist you to find a healthier you and you may not even need to give up all your treats.

As a remedial massage therapist, I have worked alongside James Harrison for many years. During this time, patients told us they couldn’t find natural treatments for pain management. With this in mind, I created Alison’s Herbal Remedies and started with Cayenne Balm to relieve chronic pain.

I remember my mother successfully using a capsicum cream for her rheumatoid arthritis. Growing up, my family was involved in the local swimming squad and we used Mum’s capsicum cream on our muscular aches and pains. It was with the inspiration of Mum’s treatment that my natural Cayenne Balm was created.

Over the time of the balm’s creation, there were a few trials and errors to get early brews right. I knew it was ready when I first tried a batch on my own over-worked massage hands. Swelling in my right thumb decreased over a week then the pain also eased. These days I can again massage with nimble and pain-free fingers and hands. The stiffness and pain I had experienced for too long is gone.

After self-trialling my Cayenne Balm, I decided to share another All-purpose Balm with everyone. Aside from the responses from users saying it’s effective in relieving the pain of stings, burns and cuts, the other benefit people appreciate is its all-natural ingredients. I have continued to develop and supply other natural remedies.

Alison’s Herbal Remedies are created from scratch using organic and natural, quality ingredients.

Why are herbs important?

For thousands of years, herbs have provided people and animals with a multitude of uses including healing and improving the taste of foods. Dogs and cats instinctively seek and know which different grasses are best for them to eat for healing.

The rich history of using herbs for healing is often dismissed as simple folklore in this modern world. Research on herbs in recent years, however, reveals their remarkable qualities and that the use of them in earlier times was correct.

Herbal medicines are gentle on you and the planet.

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