Amanda Allen


Bachelor of Science (Clinical Sciences),
Master of Health Sciences (Osteopathy),

Mandie has been a practising osteopath since 2005 and a vital part of the Health Dimensions team since 2004.

Mandie treats both acute and chronic lower back and neck pain, sciatica, headaches, postural pain syndrome, repetetive strain injuries (such as tennis elbow & carpal tunnel syndrome) and shoulder pain (such as rotator cuff injuries).

She has a strong interest in treating women during pregnancy. Being a mother herself has given her a greater appreciation for the problems that can occur during the various stages of pregnancy. She loves working with children and helping them to resolve their aches and pains.

Mandie employs a gentle but direct approach to realigning the body, with her treatments generally consisting of soft tissue massage, mobilisation, stretching, and High Velocity, Low Amplitude thrust techniques (HVLA) where appropriate and required by patients on an individual basis.

Her interest in resolving strains within the body led her to train as a pilates instructor. Since teaching pilates she has come to realise that patient education and advice regarding posture and core stabilisation are an integral part of her treatment regime.

It is important to Mandie that all her patients have access to treatment when necessary, therefore if a treatment time required is not available, please request to be placed on a cancellation list and she will do her best to accommodate you where at all possible.

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